Thursday, March 29, 2012

Fishing report from Capt Kevin Brown on the charter boat Gold Reserve in Islamorada Florida 3/29/12

Today the wind finally dropped down. It was a beautiful day off Islamorada. We headed out with long time customers trolling offshore for wahoo and dolphin. On our way to the hump we caught a 25 pound wahoo and one dolphin. The black fin tuna were biting well. After catching plenty of them we dropped for an amberjack which we hooked up right away but the sharks were not going to let us have it. There was a lot of sargassum weed coming through so we ventured off looking for dolphin. We only found one more after looking for an hour and trolled for home. We had a great time with wonderful long time customers, the fish bit and it was a beautiful day here in Islamorada.
Fishing report from Capt Kevin Brown on the charter boat Gold Reserve in Islamorada Florida 3/28/12
On Wednesday we went out with a steady 25 knot wind. We went to the bait patch where mom and dad and the 2 boys were sick. Grandpa asked if I could take them back and drop them off so we did. Then Grandpa and Grandma - Christy and Cal headed out with me and first mate Haden. We trolled out to the hump, 12 miles offshore in 4 to 8 foot seas. We found a war bird on the deck and caught a schooly dolphin under him. At that point we were close to the hump so we put the tuna feathers out. Two minutes later a 25 pound bull dolphin jumped on one. Well I have to tell you it was quite a fight in those seas with such light tackle and after 15 minutes we pulled the hook. It was just not his day to die. When we got to the hump the small black fin tuna were biting very good. After taking 15 of those we headed to look for some dolphin when we found a pallet floating with dolphin and wahoo. My customers did great fishing in these seas. After playing with that we went and caught a 50 pound amberjack and headed home. That’s what we call a victory at sea kind of day.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Islamorada Fishing report from Capt Kevin Brown fishing on the Gold reserve charter boat. The

wind has been blowing for weeks, however we are getting out almost every day. The current has recently picked back up again , and there were some weed lines in 300 to 400 feet of water with Mahi on them. Some Mahi weighed up to 40 pounds. Every one that fished that day managed to catch at least one. It was a great day out there and we all had lots of fun. Today the big amberjacks were biting the second our bait hit the bottom. We also caught some black fin tuna and tried to find some dolphin and wahoo. The tuna and dolphin did not want to play today so, we went in on a patch reef the last hour of the day. We anchored up and caught a dozen yellow tail and six nice mutton snappers. The coffin was full at the end of the trip, what a great day!
next day 3/23/12 dolphine,wahoo,amberjacks,tuna fish are jumpin in the boat get down here

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fishing report from Capt Kevin Brown on the charter boat Gold Reserve out of Islamorada, Florida keys.

The last few weeks the wind has been blowing pretty good but we have been getting out every day.

This week we are catching yellow tail snapper, mangrove snapper, mutton snapper, red grouper, black grouper, kingfish, cero mackerel, wahoo, sailfish, dolphin (Mahi-Mahi), black fin tuna and amberjack, fishing is going off so get down here and get in the bite!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fishing report from Capt Kevin Brown on the charter boat Gold Reserve Islamorada Florida 305-3940792

today March 10th www.goldreservecharters.comI took out Julie and Roy that went out with me on Thursday and caught lots of snapper. (Well Julie caught lots of snapper!!!) We headed out and stopped at a bait patch. Made one throw with the cast net caught 100 cigar minnows. Easy living we had a live well full of blue runners from the day before and another live well full of cigars. We trolled to the Islamorada hump using 2 wahoo rods down deep and 2 lures in the riggers hopping to find some wahoo, dolphin, tuna or maybe a sailfish on our way out. The seas were finally calm and it was a beautiful calm day out. No bite on the way out but when we got to the hump the black fin tuna were biting very well. After catching a bunch of them we dropped down and the amberjack were biting the second you hit the bottom. They each caught 2. The cooler was full and we trolled back for home . Another successful day on the Gold Reserve. Check out the video. I have to say Julie is a lucky lady to have such a understanding husband .most men that have their wife out fish them 3 to 1 would not bring her back out again J just kidding today Julie let Roy catch up with her and redeem himself J thanks guys I had a blast fishing with you 2 !!!!!

Capt Kevin Brown

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Fishing report from Capt Kevin Brown on the charter boat Gold Reserve Islamorada Florida

march 9th I went out with longtime customer George Matos (aka my step brother) he brought along

Bruce, Jeremy, Joe and Dilusse

George called me the night before and told me his buddy’s wonted sailfish. I explained they were not biting well but we would give it our best shot. Long story short we went 2 for 6 and everyone was happy what a great day. At one time we had 3 on at the same time

Capt Kevin Brown

Cell - 305-394-0792

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

On march 6th we went out fished the patches. 15 feet of water. Wind blowing steady 25 to 30 knots. Spanked 50 yellowtail and mangrove snapper in 2 hours and went home. Seas were running 4 to 6 inside the reef

On march 8th
Fishing report by Capt Kevin Brown on the charter boat Gold Reserve – 305-3940792

Julia and Roy from Texas went out today and caught a limit of yellowtail snapper. A big Barracuda and this nice mutton snapper. Well I have to be honest. Julie let Roy catch about 6 yellowtail snapper. The rest was here J sorry Roy she is are good luck charm got to give here the credit. you can redeem yourself on Saturday

Wind were blowing steady 20 and seas were 4 to 6 foot out side the reef 2 to 4 inside

Monday, March 5, 2012

Islamorada fishing report 3/5/12 Capt Kevin Brown fishing on the charter boat Gold Reserve – 305 394 0792

The wind was blowing steady 20 knots out of the north!!! But the current on the edge of the reef turned last night from going north to south and it was pretty nice out at about 2 to 3 foot and sunny. We went fishing for yellowtail snapper on our first spot. We had some nice ones up but a shark moved in and was eating all of them. So we moved to another spot on a patch, caught a dozen yellowtail snapper and released a nice red grouper (out of season ) while we were there. I threw the cast net and caught some ballyhoos then we went out to some mutton snapper holes I fish this time of year and did well on them also releasing a nice red grouper. That’s our report for today. We will see what tomorrow brings J