Sunday, September 2, 2012

Yesterday most boats came in with nothing. I Hurd captains complaining on my way out this morning. so I figured I need to find a piece of wood floating ( needle in the haystack ) so I headed out deep 26 miles out. A fish came up on the teaser. my mate sean hooked him up, at that point the rigger went off but nothing was there, so I turned the boat and from the tower I saw 2 birds, as I got close to them  I saw there was a nice school of fish. We hooked 4 more on 20 lbs spinning Tackeal then the school left. By the way they were acting I figured there had to be a turtle or board in the area. So I  swing the boat around again. From the tower I saw some flying fish getting up, so I headed towards them, as I got close I spotted the fish and the stick in the water striking 6 inches out. Then it was game on! There was nice fish, big gaffers and nice size schoolies. We batted 1000 percent today, we managed to fill the box with every last one of them. all I can say is good thing I had 2 good luck charms on my boat (Tracee, and Nicole)! Big thanks out to Matt, Drew, Tracee and Nicole.